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Previously trading as Green Room building co, we have re branded and re-structured the business to focus solely on renovating conservatories.

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As far as the insulation is concerned, your conservatory’s roof is its most important element. Without proper insulation, your conservatory’s temperature will fluctuate wildly with the seasons. Conservatory Renovators offers a range of options for replacing and repairing your conservatory’s roof:

  • Warm roofs: Our tailored warm roof systems maximise energy efficiency to ensure optimal comfort. Warm roofs will make your conservatory comfortable year-round, while also blending with your existing style.
  • Orangery roofs: Orangery roofs offer an equally efficient thermal design with a lightweight structure.

For more information on our range of conservatory roofs, get in touch to discuss with a team member.

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Conservatory Renovations in Yateley

Every aspect of your conservatory contributes to the comfort and style of the space. If other elements of your conservatory need attention or an update, we can help. Our renovation services cover the complete spectrum of needs:

  • Windows: We can replace your windows for optimal insulation and style.
  • Doors: If your doors need an update, Conservatory Renovators can help.
  • Complete Insulation: Temperature problems in your conservatory could originate from general issues with the insulation–we can help address these problems.

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Our approach centres you and your vision. From your initial consultation throughout the work, we collaborate with you, and communicate with you regularly. Whether for simple repair work or more complex and comprehensive renovations, our team understands the value of transparency and collaboration.

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We offer a no-obligation consultation for all conservatory renovation needs in Yateley. The work we do is informed by decades of experience and every project is completed to the highest standard. However complex or simple your needs, our team offers a dedicated process with the best results–give us a call to find out more.

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